3 Best Existing Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training in 2024

How do you like your airbags?

Big or small? Soft cushions or hard rocks against your face when they go off?
I see that you’re no fool!
You’d like your airbags to resemble the most luxurious pillows imaginable.

That’s the key to choosing the best boxing gloves for the heavy bag.

  • Heavier gloves (more oz) will have more padding in them.
  • More padding means better hand protection.
  • Lighter gloves (less oz) will have less padding.
  • Less padding means less protection.

You`re in the right place if you`re shopping for boxing gloves to bring wrath upon the heavy bag. I will give you three options to choose from. From the best of the best to the most affordable.

Just three?

Question: Why are injuries bad?

You can`t train.
Instead, you get:

  • Slower progress
  • Less skill developed
  • Less potential realized
  • Less life spent enjoying what you love
  • Wasted time that you`ll never get back

You say it sounds silly?
You`re silly!

If you think it’s silly, You have no sense in doing things.
You’re better off bumping your head against the heavy bag instead of trying to protect yourself from injuring your hands.

Listen, the most important thing to keep in mind is this

You need to protect your hands as much as possible while training.

Picture this…

You`re punishing the heavy bag for 20 minutes now. You drown in sweat.
Right hook, left hook.


You land an unfortunate blow. Your left-hand hurts and is in a bad shape. It`s actually in a pear shape now.

You dramatically drop to your knees, raise your hurting pear shaped fist towards the heavens, and cry out:

A radiant light shines on you and a solemn but stern voice gives you an answer

Because you cheaped out and bought no good boxing gloves, you fool.

My point?

Do everything you can to avoid injuries.
Save up if you have to, but get good boxing gloves for the heavy bag!

Ever wonder why boxing gloves have different weights?

What it all boils down to is this. The heavier the glove the more padding in it. More padding means more hand protection from impact. That`s the key to avoid injuries.

It sounds so simple. It is!

You just have to buy the best 16oz boxing gloves for heavy bag you can afford and you`ll be flying in no time.

Let`s find out what types of boxing gloves are there?

So, What Types Of Boxing Gloves Are There?

You`d say many, like sparring gloves, training gloves, heavy bag gloves, blah blah blah gloves…

There`s only one type of boxing gloves. And they are called… Boxing gloves.

You might have read numerous articles written by fellow bro`s describing training gloves, bag gloves, sparring gloves, and professional gloves. They`re all morons and there`s only one type of boxing gloves with different weights. That`s it. 

Like everything else in life, it`s pretty simple if you don`t let internet morons confuse you with their “superior know-how”.

Basically, the weight of the glove determines what it is best used for. Astonishing, isn`t it?

Seriously, it`s super simple!

Heavier gloves mean that there`s more padding to protect your hands from impact. Sadly they are heavy and not meant for competition. Why? Because they are heavy. Do’h!
Lighter gloves have less protection, but… are lighter and clearly, they are better fit for competition fights.

Bottom line: A boxing glove is a boxing glove is a boxing glove.
A word of caution though: There is a difference in the quality of the glove.

You`ll want to use the heaviest gloves you can handle to work on your skills while punching a heavy bag. Heavier bag gloves with more padding will ensure your hands are protected from injuries. You usually go all out doing a bag workout, so maximum protection is a must.

You’ll use heavy gloves for sparring too. During a sparring session, you`ll probably be using at least a 12 to 14 oz glove in order to protect your partners face from injuries.

In competition, you`ll be using lighter gloves with less padding 8 – 12 oz.

It comes down to this: Heavier gloves have more padding. That means more protection for your hands and your sparring partner.
Lighter gloves have less padding. That means less protection for your hands and your sparring partner. It also means that you can move your hands much faster compared to heavy gloves.

I wrote this article because there’s so much misinformation out there.

All the difference is in the quality of the glove and its weight which indicates the amount of padding the glove has. What you use the glove for will indicate what oz glove to get.

Materials to consider

As with anything in life: what you pay is what you get.
If you can only afford one pair of gloves, get the most expensive pair you can.

My rationale?

You’ll be training a lot. Your hands need protection. Use the best protection you can afford! Don’t try to save money this way.

I pity the fool who does.

If you only get one pair, get the 14 oz ones. That’s your all-rounder for heavy bag work and ass whoppin’. Don’t get ahead of yourself by worrying about what you’ll use for competition.

If just starting out, get the best 14 oz pair you can afford, slick!

Getting good equipment makes you feel good. It strengthens and reaffirms your dedication to boxing.

Get. Good. Gloves!

The padding of the gloves.

Outer – real leather. Or fake ass leather if you go all cheap on gloves.

Inner padding – usually it`s latex molded foam if that means anything to you. It does not mean anything to me…

Each glove might be a bit different. Cheap ones will crap out and lose shape.

Champ says he does not care about gloves crapping out and losing shape.

If champ does not care long enough his hands will crap out too.
Don’t be like champ!

If you get professional gloves like Winning, you don’t have to worry about durability. Your children will thank you for leaving them good shit. They might not even put you in an old people’s home!

The weight of the glove indicates the amount of padding it has. Heavy gloves are used in training because they are designed to cushion your fists from the impact.


Comfort is important as well.

The boxing gloves should have a snug fit. Fingertips should be able to reach the top of the glove. You should be able to form a fist comfortably.

Pro tip: Wrap your wrists when trying on gloves.

If you think about it for a second, it will make sense to you, champ.

You’ll use them with hands wrapped. Try them out with hands wrapped as well. They have to fit and feel comfortable with your wrists wrapped. With cheap ass gloves, your hands will feel crushed after a vigorous heavy bag workout.

It`s hard to compare smashing the heavy bag with Winning gloves and Venum or Title gloves. My hands feel totally different after a workout with Winning gloves. They don`t feel smashed.

If you`ve never tried professional gloves then you won`t be able to tell the difference between good ones and cheap Chinese knock-offs for 10 bucks.

As usual – you get what you pay for. You can cheap out on clothes for training. But for the love of God, buy good gloves. Protect the tools of your trade.

If you`re broke, look for used Winning or other pro gloves. Otherwise, man up and save up!

Let’s find out whether or not the breathability of boxing gloves matter or not.

Breathability and boxing glove Brands

Most of the known brand gloves nowadays offer enough breathability. If you don`t go all cheap on your gloves and buy a decent pair, you`re unlikely to sauna up your hands.

Again: Don`t be a bum and do not for the sake of your health buy cheap gloves.

The manufacturer has to cut corners in order to make a glove that`s cheap. There`s a reason why Winning gloves cost a bomb. And a reason why a cheap generic brand boxing glove made in China will set you back 20 smackeroos. 

Stupid people usually say something like: “You pay this much for the brand.. blah blah blah”.

Think about it for a few seconds! Yes, you pay for the brand. But it`s not like the brand is just the name and the logo.

  • It means something.
  • It stands for something.
  • It represents a certain standard of quality.

You pay for the brand because it represents a standard of quality that they work to maintain. With cheap gloves, you get no standards and usually no quality as well. 

Might as well wrap your hands in towels or pillows and go all out on the heavy bag if you`re so cheap.

Wrap ’em up!

Protection matters! That`s why from now on while training you will be wrapping your hands all the time.  No excuses!


Fake-ass macho men who hit a heavy bag with MMA gloves or without your hands wrapped can take a hike.

There`s nothing manly or heroic in being stupid and setting yourself up for an injury.

Do you like training? Do you want to train for as long as possible as you age? If you answered yes, then you`ll do everything you can to protect your tools of the trade. If you’re not rocking mush for brain, that is.

Wrap `em up and get a good and heavy 14oz or 16oz gloves for the heavy bag work. Don`t be the douche bag who brags about injuries. That`s fake bravado. Don`t be punching the heavy bag without wrapped hands.

Or even worse: Beating it up with bare fists. Leave that nonsense to weak-minded people. Don`t be a weak douche bag! We all know they`re out there.

Let Darwin and his law of natural selection take care of them!

Laces or Velcro?

Get lace-up gloves for maximum support.

Cheaper gloves usually have Velcro. Velcro is more convenient if you train alone. You don`t have to struggle lacing up your own gloves. It`s doable on your own though!

If you buy good gloves with Velcro snaps, you should know that those snaps are likely to break first on your gloves. You can`t fix them cheap.

If you tear up laces, you get new ones.

Most gloves use Velcro snaps. More convenient and cheaper to produce.

I`d say go get as good gloves as you can get. And get them with laces, not the silly Velcro shit. Get serious!

MMA gloves for heavy bag

Do you know what I`m tired of hearing?

People on the internet suggesting using MMA gloves for the heavy bag. Just don`t.

Listen! Don`t be a moron. Buy a decent pair of heavy boxing gloves. If you use MMA gloves, you`ll just end up hurting your hands. Then you`ll be crying like a little bit** while watching YouTube fights instead of training.

Still not convinced?

Then go ice skating with roller skates! To top it off eat ice cream with chopsticks like a total douche bag.

Use the gloves for the purpose they are designed. MMA gloves have little padding in them compared to 16 oz boxing gloves. But that`s just the tip of the iceberg. MMA gloves won`t cut it for the heavy bag.  In other words, they are not designed to provide maximum protection for your hands.

By now you`ll have realized that you need heavy gloves because they have a lot of padding to keep your hands safe.

Grab a pair of heavily padded boxing gloves. Then go all out on that bag. Leave your MMA gloves for sparring sessions and tournaments. And you`re set!

It really is that easy and simple. 

Best 3 Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Reviewed

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

These are the best quality gloves money can buy. For starters, they`re manufactured in Japan. Next, they have a nickname – Pillows. Your hands drown in pillows!!! Think about that! They offer superb protection of your hands.

Another thing – gloves feel very fast. Not like other 16 oz gloves. To top it off, they form to fit your hand and offer great support for your wrists.

The leather is soft and durable. Oh… so durable! Exactly what you`d expect at a price tag like this.


These gloves definitely live up to the price tag though. But here`s the rub… Get them with laces!


You can replace the laces, but if Velcro straps go – you`re out of luck. Bottom line: Velcro will be the first and probably only thing to wear out on these bad boys. All professionals fight with laced gloves. Because laces offer the best support and control of tightness compared to anything else out there. Even when I train at home alone, it`s pretty easy to tie them myself. You`ll get the hang of it, champ.

Lace `em up, man!


  • Perfect for boxers with weak wrists and knuckles.
  • They WILL make a difference.
  • Feels like putting pillows on your hands.
  • The best gloves money can buy.
  • The best protection of your sparring partner if you want to have one for a long time haha.


  • Price obviously.
  • Again, the price!
  • It`s basically a robbery, but you are left with pillows on your hands you can use to sleep on because now you`re dead broke lol


If you can afford them – get them!

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Look, not everyone is serious about their commitment to spend all that money on an expensive pair of gloves like Winnings. I get it! I bought a lot of cheap gloves at first too. You`ll learn, in due time.

Here`s the deal: If you want really good gloves and are not willing to spend so much on Winning`s – go for Cleto Reyes training gloves for the heavy bag. These come in as second best you can buy. All in all, these are great gloves! They`re made out of goatskin leather. There`s even a water repellent lining to keep your hands dry from all the sweat and blood you`re about to generate. They`re really the second-best option after Winning because these are manufactured under strict quality guidelines as well.

This is HUGE:

They feel super snug around the wrist. They’re as tight as Yo momma! Putting them on will be a struggle compared to cheap gloves.

Are they worth it?

They`re worth every penny if you can`t afford to invest in the Winning gloves. They`re definitely worth it if you are serious about boxing.

What if you`re not serious or not sure? Buy whatever whacky, flashy gloves you want and get the hell out of here!

Now that that noob is gone, we can get back to Cleto Reyes gloves and Yo momma jokes.

You know, if you`re a heavy sweater and have a heavy swing – these will be like a gift from boxing gloves themselves. Why? They offer great protection. Plus it`s really satisfying to punch someone’s face with these. Heavy bag too! They make a nice, pleasant sound on contact.

You`ve been hit by…
You`ve been struck by…
A smooth criminal.


  • They are so tight and compact you might start thinking about leaving your girlfriend.
  • You`ll feel like a better fighter with these on. You`ll like the feeling as well. That`s a good way of feeling! You`ll want to train more. That is until you get punched in the face. Then again, heavy bags don`t fight back.
  • 16 oz Cleto gloves feel and look like 14 oz gloves.
  • They look classy.


It`s all sunshine and rainbows aye? Not really, no… This might be nothing to you… Or it might be a biggie.

  • The thumb attachment is a downer for me regarding these gloves. It`s kept in place with a piece of leather. While wearing these you can potentially mess up your thumb when you miss a shot. Plus the attachment is a bit short on these. I might have weirdly long thumbs. I don’t` know..
  • Some might get uncomfortable during a long heavy bag session.


Second best! Grab them if you can`t afford Winning gloves.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Something more affordable for the real beginner looking for decent, but affordable boxing gloves for the heavy bag. Now we`re talking, aye!

These are still good gloves. Not as good as the other two though. You were looking for the best boxing gloves for the heavy bag though. These are definitely not the best. They are decent. That`s good enough when starting out. The quality is acceptable. Venum elite boxing gloves will last you a while.

There`s fancy reinforced palm on them. Turns out it is not just a marketing wank – it`s actually something you`ll come to appreciate when training with these.

Compared to Cleto Reyes, the thumb on these is 100% attached to the glove. No thumb accidents guaranteed.

Believe it or not, but they are made from real leather. Not synthetic leather. And you know what? The padding is consistent. Why does that matter? It matters because with cheap boxing gloves the padding tends to be inconsistent.

You`re still not getting it?

Remember we talked about the reason for heavy gloves? Maximum padding = maximum protection. If the padding is inconsistent, that means there will be less protection somewhere in the glove.

Venum gloves give you nice padding and even though they are on the cheaper side the stuffing of this turkey is all right! They look nice as well.


  • They offer good wrist support and the padded palms offer even better comfort.
  • Much more affordable when compared to Winning`s or Cleto`s.
  • You won`t have to pawn your grandma’s jewelry like you will if you want to buy Winning gloves for the heavy bag.


  • If you try Winning`s or Cleto`s on, you`ll think cushioning of the blow is terrible on these. That`s only when you compare it to those two gloves. It`s not bad, but if you`d try one of the other gloves – you`d pull out your credit card and make the jump.
  • Will not last as long as the other two choices.


Get these if you are strapped for cash. They are good boxing gloves for the heavy bag.

What`s next?

You bought the best boxing gloves for the heavy bag you could afford. Hands are wrapped. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins. Wait!

You don`t have a heavy bag…

Now that`s a problem!

Get yourself a good heavy bag for home. No gym fees – yeehaw!

If you`re serious, get a good speed bag as well.
You`ll be throwing fast punches like NEO in Matrix in no time.

If you can, whip out your credit card and set yourself up for success with everything you need at home. I thought I did not have room for all of this. I do. And probably, you do too. Sometimes all you need to do is really commit to something and go all out on gear.