Best Cheap Boxing Gloves in 2024

Alright, so I have two McDoubles and a Double Cheeseburger.
Would you like Best Cheap Boxing Gloves with that?

The best cheap boxing gloves that are worth your while are a bit more expensive than two McDoubles and a Double Cheeseburger at McDonald’s.

They are not far off though:

  • The cheapest gloves cost around 10 dollars
  • The best cheap boxing gloves cost under 50 dollars

What’s the downside to the cheapest ones?

They`re trash!

I still included reviews of the terrible ones though. Some of them are too funny to pass up.

You basically have two choices here, but only one seems sensible



BEST OVERALL CHEAP BOXING GLOVES – Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

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It`s Everlast – Your friendly and affordable sporting goods company.

Best of the bunch considering the price.

These are decent for cheap boxing gloves. They will last you a good while. Not as flashy as other cheapos, but they won’t fall apart in a week or a month either.

Everlast Pro Style Training boxing gloves look like a limousine you put on your hands to punch someone’s face in with grace and pizzazz.


  • A brand with a reputation to uphold
  • Quality stitching means they won’t fall apart like other cheap boxing gloves
  • They look classy
  • Good padding on these will protect your hands from impact
  • Mesh on the palm part of the glove will let air flow inside, but you will still sweat them up nonetheless


  • These gloves do not offer the best wrist support. Make sure to wrap your wrists well.


If you are looking for the best cheap boxing gloves under 40 dollars – get these. They won’t fall apart on you like other cheap alternatives in this price range. If you can afford to spend a few more dollars, check out Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves – our second-best pick.

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Best Cheap Boxing Gloves For Beginners – Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves

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These have laces.


That’s unheard of on cheap boxing gloves.
The velcro strap is usually very flimsy on the cheap end and when it tears up – you’re out of luck even if the gloves are still in a good shape.
Laces mean great wrist support. At the expense of them being a bit harder to put on if you’re training alone.

These are not super cheap, but still cheap enough to get if you’re a beginner that wants good quality gloves.
They are so well padded that you will be amazed. Great hand protection.

Not real leather, but you can’t expect real leather at this price point.

They rock a good synthetic leather for the outer layer.

These cheap gloves are well made.
Ringside does not mess around here.


  • Laces – gloves will stay on and your wrists will be well protected
  • Really, really good padding that offers great protection for your hands
  • Good synthetic leather


  • Not so cheap compared to other gloves. But those other gloves will fall apart on your way home from a training session.


If you are in the market for cheap gloves that are just under 50 – get these! These will work well for sparring and heavy bag too. Good quality gloves without breaking the bank.

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Best Padded Cheap Boxing Gloves – RDX Boxing Gloves for Training

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Cheap gloves, but made out of real leather.


But wait, it’s Maya Hide leather.

WTF is Maya Hide leather?

It’s a really good quality imitation of real leather made using shredded leather and other stuff. It’s artificial leather, so no, it’s not real leather. Aside from being misled by the marketing geniuses at RDX, these are decent and still cheap boxing gloves and they come in under 50 dollars.


  • Really good padding to protect your hands from the impact your Hulk smash will generate


  • Not a very high-quality artificial leather and they might start peeling off after a few months of heavy use
  • A narrow wrist strap means you will have to wrap your wrists more than your knuckles to compensate for weak wrist support
  • The most common way PU leather is created is by using split leather and combining it with polyurethane, then pasting it onto a surface. Therefore, with time, PU leather will start to peel.


Decent gloves while they last. They won’t last long though. They are cheap boxing gloves after all. Made from a polyurethane leather that will start peeling on you like chickens of yesteryear because of the manufacturing process of this leather.

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Best Cheap Beginners Boxing Gloves – Jayefo Beginners PRO Model Leather Boxing

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These are cheap. They are really cheap. Just think about it! Someone somewhere has manufactured a cheap pair of boxing gloves for under 10 dollars. Amazing times we`re living in.

You can wet your boxing toe by spending just 10 bucks to get gloves.

They probably won`t last, but they probably won`t fall apart in a month either. If you`re strapped for cash and need super mega cheap boxing gloves – get these.


  • One of the cheapest boxing gloves on the market
  • You get what you pay for, but these will work great for a fitness class or a teenager.


  • Let’s just say this – keep your expectations very, very low and you won’t be disappointed.


Get these if you’re strapped for cash and need to get boxing gloves super fast for some reason.

Otherwise, check out Everlast or Ringside gloves covered in this article.

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Glorious Cheap Gloves – Jayefo Glorious Boxing Gloves

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These cheap gloves are GLORIOUS. It’s right in the product name. Oh these marketing wizards. We’ll see if these really cheap boxing gloves can live up to its grandiose name.

Jayefo, what will it be – Death or Glory?

It’s mostly death…

They fall under proposition 65 warning in California which means Jayefo uses some chemicals in the manufacturing process that have been proved to cause cancer.

They should have called these Glorious GOO Gloves or something like that.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want boxing gloves that have some type of chemical in it that can cause cancer. Screw that Jayefo.


  • The name… it does sound… glorious haha


  • Proposition 65 warning, which means there’s toxic stuff in these that can cause cancer
  • Do you need any more cons?
  • Here’s another one: really shoddy customer service


These are cheap and glorious-sounding boxing gloves. Nonetheless, it’s death by a thousand cuts for these gloves. Stay away from these if you value your health.

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Cheap Beginners Boxing Gloves – Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

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These are good gloves. You have a few color choices and all of them look swell. These are called “Pro Style” gloves. Emphasis on the word Style. The outer material used is synthetic leather as expected, but it’s of good quality and should not crack up and tear like other cheap gloves covered here tend to do.

They have a full mesh palm so your hands won’t sweat as much.

If you will go all out while training these might last you a good 6 months or even longer. Stitching will be the first to go. The inner and the outer. You’ll know that it’s time to get better quality gloves when after a bloody sparring session you’ll find padding material on your hands.


  • They look swell
  • Decent quality while still costing under 50 dollars


  • The padding might prove insufficient for really heavy hitters and heavy bag work
  • Weak wrist support. Make sure to wrap those wrists well.


Decent all-around cheap gloves. If you are just starting out – get these either for boxing training or fitness classes.

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Best Gloves Under 50 – Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves

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These gloves look good. You can choose between a few color combinations. No real leather, but a good synthetic one used to make this Everlast glove that still can be acquired for cheap.

These will last longer than some other cheap boxing gloves covered in this article, but the price is rather high for the quality you get. They are decent gloves, but if you will use them often and go hard at the heavy bag or your sparring partners – these will crap out too as most cheap boxing gloves do.


  • They provide good hand protections due to decent padding materials used
  • Snug fit, but not too tight


  • Low-quality stitching means these won’t last very long


If you are just starting out and don’t expect serious training sessions and are okay with just a few months of usage of these gloves – be my guest. Otherwise, you’ll be well served to pass these up.

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Best Cheap Boxing Gloves for Kids –  Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

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These cheap Sanabul boxing gloves are almost decent. These are actually quite decent. No, they are not. They are barely decent.

Lots of colors to choose from if that’s what you like. Fake leather as you would expect.

Sanabul makes a lot of fighting gear. They make one of the best kids BJJ gi’s and other good stuff. Similar to Everlast making decent cheap boxing gloves, Sanabul too has a reputation to uphold. If you get these cheap gloves and they crap out you will probably never, ever again buy anything Sanabul. This works to your advantage. Or so you would think. If you get these for fitness classes, they might work. If you get these for boxing, you will probably never, ever buy anything Sanabul.

Weak padding. Weak wrist support. Cheap and weak stitching.

These are not for those of you who want to train on a heavy bag. You’ll end up hurting your hands if you go heavy punishing the bag. Read best boxing gloves for heavy bag training if that’s your primary reason for getting gloves.


  • They’re cheap and come in pretty colors


  • Stupid “Obtain Your Ability” printed on the palm part of the glove. It sounds stupid.
  • Not good enough stitching to last for a long time
  • Weak wrist support
  • They don’t have enough padding if you want to use them for sparring or bag work


You should get these as your fitness gloves, not for boxing training. Except if you’re getting them for a kid. If you want quality, even on the cheaper side of boxing gloves – you’ve got to shell out a few more pennies for something like Everlast gloves.

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Best Cheap Boxing Gloves For Desperate People – Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves

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You should only get these for boxing if you’re desperate.

I mean really, really desperate.

Their best use is in a fitness class or an exercise class where the punching is more for show.

To make cheap gloves manufacturers have to cut costs somewhere. Usually, they use layered foam in the gloves. It will crap out fast and lose shape even faster.

These on the other hand use molded protective foam. All you need to know is that it’s better than your run of the mill cheapos.

The outer layer is made out of synthetic leather.
Forget about getting real leather with cheap gloves!

You get what you pay for, and with these, you don’t get much. They will fall apart rather quickly. They’re uncomfortably tight.

  • The SM/med size means 12oz gloves
  • The LG/XL means 16oz gloves


  • They look nice. As they say – looks can be deceiving


  • As with most cheap gloves, these won’t last very long
  • The velcro snap-on these is the worst part. It will crap out first, no doubt about it. It does not secure the glove on your wrist good enough and often it loosens up like yo momma.
  • They fit your hand very, very tightly, so you might get really, really uncomfortable if you use them in a boxing class.
  • After the velcro goes, the seems will come loose. LOOSE I TELL YOU!


If you really, really like these, get them only for a fitness class. Do not buy these to box or punch a bag. Mark my words, you will regret it.

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The Epitome Of CHEAP – Hawk Sports HWK Boxing Gloves

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These are the cheapest in every way imaginable.

Cheap stitching, cheap build quality. CHEAP EVERYTHING.

You might be surprised by the HAWK company and get two different size gloves, or two right gloves. Amazing what you can accomplish if you aim to be really cheap in all ways possible.

Stay away from these!

These are probably the worst gloves in the world!

I’m sure someone will prove me wrong in the comments section by finding even worse and cheaper boxing gloves made in a great manufacturing facility in China.

Don not, under any circumstances buy these. You might get these for a costume party or something, but then again you should still buy decent gloves or you risk that these will fall off of your hands and literally fall apart while you’re at the party.


That’s cheap, right?

Do you know what’s even more outrageous?

There are websites that suggest people buy these and rate them as good boxing gloves. These corporate shills will do anything for a buck. Zero integrity! They’re as fake as these product photos.


  • There are NO Pros. Only free laughs and a lot of CONS.


These have ALL the CONS 😀

  • They are made cheap and they won’t last very long. The first things that will go on these will be the inside of the gloves, the outside will tear and they will just fall apart. These will just fall apart. You should head over to amazon reviews to read how terrible these are
  • You’ll feel the stitching touching your fingernails and fingers inside the glove and it will make you uncomfortable and angry, so you will get more aggressive in the ring if you’re lucky enough that the gloves don’t fall apart.
  • These will hurt your thumb and it will literally detach from your hand and run away while you sleep after using these gloves
  • They will last from one training session till about a month before they start crapping out. That is if you get two gloves of the same size at all.


The FORCE of CHEAP is strong with this one!

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Cheap Gloves for Beginners if you don’t like Everlast – Knock Out Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

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These are cheap. Right under 25 bucks.

They are called “Premium” boxing gloves.

Yeah, right. Premium my ass!

Cheap cheapos is more like it.

They are not the worst of the bunch in this article.

Definitely not the best.
They’re okay for kids, but then again you should either get Everlast gloves for the same price or spend 5-10 dollars more and get Ringside gloves with laces.


  • They look nice and the fake leather even feels nice at first


  • Very tight fit. I mean it – very tight!


Get Everlast gloves for the same price if you want to use them for boxing. If you want to fool around and it so happens that you like how they look and that it says “KNOCKOUT” on the gloves – be my guest and get these.

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What size gloves should I get?

Think carefully about the weight of the cheap gloves you’re about to buy.

The measure of boxing glove weight is OZ.

There’s a misconception that you need to choose the OZ of a boxing glove depending on your weight or height.

Choose the weight of your boxing gloves depending on their purpose

Heavy boxing gloves will have more padding in them and provide better hand protection compared to their lighter compadres.
Heavy, means there’s more padding in the glove.

  • For sparring, you want to go light. Like 10 oz or 12 oz gloves.
  • For heavy bag work, you want to go heavy. Think 14 oz or 16 oz.
  • If you`re a beginner and need an all-rounder – get 14 oz gloves.

Heavier will work out your muscles more as well. If you go heavy and then put on lighter gloves to spar, you will throw punches as fast as Neo does in The Matrix.

What are the best cheap boxing gloves?

The best cheap boxing gloves reviewed in this article are Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves and Ringside Lace IMF Tech Training Gloves. There’s really no third choice considering the price point is under 50 dollars and most other gloves will fall apart on you very, very quickly.

How much should you spend on boxing gloves?

It depends on how serious you are about boxing.

If you’re just starting out and have not yet committed to training, then as little as possible – get cheap boxing gloves like Ringside or Everlast.

If you are serious and have more money to spend on gloves – get something like Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

If you want the best your money can buy – get Winning boxing gloves.
Read this article to find out why they are the best.

What kind of gloves do I need for a punching bag?

For maximum protection of your hands get 16 oz gloves.

Depends on how much protection do you want your hands to have.

A lighter glove, like a 10 oz glove will have less padding in it than a 16 oz glove. 10 oz gloves will protect your hands less than a 16 oz gloves of the same kind.

You need gloves that offer the most protection for a punching bag or a heavy bag. A bigger oz number means the gloves are heavier. Heavier gloves mean there is more padding in them. More padding means more protection.

Are 12 oz gloves good for heavy bag training?

No. When working on a heavy bag, you need to think about maximum hand protection. Get 14 or 16 oz because they offer the most padding to protect your hand from the impact. An added benefit is that you’ll get used to the heavier gloves and when you put on lighter gloves for a sparring session – your hands will be flying all over the place.

Read this article about the best boxing gloves for heavy bag to get a better understanding of why you should get heavier gloves.

What oz boxing gloves should I buy??

  • Getting in the ring – 10 – 12 oz
  • Hitting the heavy bag for fitness or bag work – 14 – 16 oz

If you will use them for sparring, buy lighter gloves, like 10 oz or 12 oz boxing gloves.

If you will use them for heavy bag training, buy 16 oz gloves, because they have more padding in them compared to say the same 10 oz gloves and that in turn protects your hands better.

If you want an all-rounder for sparring and bag work, get something like 14 oz. They will offer enough protection doing bag or pad work and they won’t terribly weigh you down during a sparring session.

How much should you spend on boxing gloves?

  • How much do you want to spend on boxing gloves?
  • What are you going to use them in?
  • Sparring, heavy bag training, or fitness classes?

If you`re a beginner and not yet fully committed to the sport, get the best cheap boxing gloves like Everlast or Ringside gloves with lacesThey come right under 50 dollars.

If you`re well into your training and you want to get better boxing gloves because yours stink or the cheap ones have crapped out, get the best boxing gloves under 150 like Everlast PowerLock Pro Fight Gloves or the best boxing gloves under 200 like Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves.
If you want the best of the best, get Winning gloves with laces.

What brand of boxing gloves is the best?

Winning boxing gloves are one of the best gloves out there.

What boxing gloves should a beginner buy?

A beginner should buy gloves that he can afford to waste money on in case he does not continue in the sport.

The Best Cheap Boxing Gloves like Everlast or Ringside reviewed right in this article.

Who hits harder boxer or MMA?

A brick.
A brick hits harder!


Sadly you can’t buy the best cheap boxing gloves for the price of two McDoubles and a Double Cheeseburger.

But you can get them under 50 dollars which would be like feeding a family of 4 or 5 people at McDonald’s.

Most of the cheap gloves are really bad products.

Despite the doom and gloom, there are two good cheap boxing gloves:

Let me know in the comments if you found this article useful and which gloves you bought.