Best Grappling and BJJ Dummies in 2024

Dummy Bob can’t make it to practice?
Get a new dummy!
A grappling dummy.
You can name him Bob too.

  • He’ll be a better Bob than the real one ever was
  • Unlike your girlfriend who’s leaving you soon, Bob the dummy never leaves you and is there for you all the time. Even when you don’t want him around, he’s still there
  • He’s a much better listener than real Bob who stood you up

Screw the real Bob!
Get the best grappling dummy and don’t let real-life Bob’s stop you from becoming a better grappler, even during the lockdown.

Best Grappling and BJJ Dummies

Celebrita MMA Judo Punching Bag Grappling Dummy – Sitting Position hands front

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A versatile dummy that can be placed in a sitting or a lying position. It comes unfilled so read the section about how to fill your dummy and with what to settle your mind regarding that.

It has arms so that’s a plus.

You can get a GI on it if you’re persistent, but you should probably not bother with getting a gi on a dummy.

This is really cheap. If you want to try out a dummy to practice moves at home I don’t see a reason why not to get this one.

It feels durable, but I would not expect much out of it if you’re going to go hard at it and often.

Hands and legs on the dummy can be straightened out, so that’s a plus. Other dummies come in set positions.

Arm’s are a bit short, but hey he’s a dummy, what can you expect from a dummy.

This dummy is clearly a white belt, so don’t expect any moves out of him. He’s pretty much just gonna lay there and let you choke it out. The rub is – it’s unchokable. It never gives up. It just keeps on laying there 😀


  • Feels durable
  • Great price
  • Great for children practicing at home


  • Very short T-rex arms or just about right if it’s meant for a rolling child
  • Be very careful of overstuffing the dummy, because the seams will bust on you – it’s a cheap dummy after all


Good dummy that won’t get sick on you, won’t bail on you when you want to practice. Wake up at 2 am because you can’t get a move out of your mind, get it out of the closet and get going, man. Just don’t stuff it too much or it might bust a seem.

Great for kids or as your first dummy to try out practicing moves on your own. It’s sturdy and will take punishment as a good white belt should.

Mannequin Grappling Century

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Good-sized dummy. Really good for practicing takedowns. Seems to have good seems.(See what I did there?)

Its stiffness might be a PRO or a CON for you depending on your preferences and the particular moves you want to practice.

If it’s too stiff, you could get creative and open it up and get some of the stuffing out. Make sure to sew it shut as to not blame the manufacturer if you mess it up yourself.


  • Stiff
  • Good for a grown-up practicing takedowns


  • Stiff


Heavier ones are definitely not meant for children, because it’s rigid and heavy enough they’ll end up frustrated that they can’t take down a dummy and it might cause a temper tantrum – be warned! If you want one for yourself and your child – fuggedaboutit. Get two! One lighter and one heavier.

Possibly the best grappling dummy – Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

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This here Bob the grappling dummy is a great product. It really is. It’s not your average BJJ dummy though. You won’t be able to do much other than throws or takedowns for BJJ with this. For everything else though, this is a great grappling dummy. It comes in three different weights and heights: 70 lbs great for teens and women, 90 lbs great for men, and 120 lbs great for super-strong Bobmen.

It’s made out of “military-grade” vinyl. It really is tough and thick. It will take punishment like no other dummy.

It comes filled so you won’t have the wonderful opportunity to break its seems while overstuffing this dummy. It’s rather heavy. Heavier than the specified weight, meaning that if you weigh it, it will weigh more than the specified weight of the dummy.

Get the 70 lbs if you’re getting it for a youth wrestler or a BJJ practicing boy or a girl. For women, I’d suggest getting the 70 lbs one too. If you’re a male wrestler or a BJJ practitioner get the 90 lbs, because the 120 lbs one will be too heavy, believe you me.

Tip: keep the dummy in the box you receive it in if you need to move it – it will be a lot easier than moving a “dead” body. Hidden Bob in a box won’t arouse any suspicions from your neighbors.


  • The outer layer really is super durable and it is thick as well.
  • Super easy to put on a gi on this grappling dummy due to vinyl being used for the outer layer
  • Feels heavy and real
  • Really durable and it will last you a long, long time


  • Expensive
  • The height on these is like God’s snowflakes. Every dummy is a bit unique and the weight may differ a bit. Not to worry, you’re Bob will be unique so that’s that.
  • Awkward and difficult to perform throws with this grappling dummy


When ordering this for yourself, stay on the lighter side, because this dummy will feel a lot heavier than the weight you get in it. You can always chop its arms or legs off a bit, but that will involve tinkering with dummy Bob and might take you a while to stitch him back together.

HEY BIG GUY! Yes, you!  If you’re reading this thinking you need to get the 120 lbs dummy – be very, very careful and read other reviews, because you will most likely find the 120 lbs dummy too heavy to be practical for training purposes

It’s a really great product for practicing at home on your own.

Best cheap grappling dummy for children, women, and beginners – Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ Brazilian JIU Jitsu Wrestling Dummy for Grappling

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This Bob comes in different colors and height. Comes almost as cheap as they come. 4 ft one is perfect for children, 5 ft for women, and 6 ft for men. This Jayefo dummy has great length arms and you can move all its limbs. Although the knees stick out weird when you put it on its knees. Kind of annoying, but you get used to it.

The stitching is called “unbreakable stitching” on this dummy. It might not be unbreakable, but it sure is tough. It has a thick, strong zipper in the back and a durable velcro flap to cover it. You won’t get bruised by the zipper when this Bob dummy chokes you out.

Comes unfilled. It can be filled up to 120lbs which is great if you want a more realistic practice “partner”.

It’s super easy to get a gi on it. It’s a goofy-looking dummy, I think. But what matters is that it’s really affordable and will hold up during hard rolling sessions with dummy Bob.


  • Really durable and you can expect it to last even if you pound it hard every day
  • Strong, thick zipper in the back and a strong velcro flap to cover it so you don’t tear it up or bruise yourself when the dummy starts choking you out


  • The knees are in a weird unnatural angle when you set the dummy on its knees


It is a really good and affordable grappling dummy. It’s especially great for beginners or children.

Stuff it with poly fillers or cotton and watch out, because this Bob dummy just might end up choking you out.

Judo Grappling Dummy Sitting Position Hands on The Front

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There are quite a few bright and cool looking colors to choose for this grappling dummy. It comes in different sizes:
59” or 70” for adults and 40” or 47” for youth wrestlers or children practicing BJJ.

You can even choose whether you want your dummy to be made out of canvas or synthetic leather. You might run into trouble because the color you like is only available in one or the other material. Be clear about your priorities. Canvas dummy can be washed. Synthetic leather one will be easy to clean after a sweaty practice.

This dummy is really, really dumb. You might even say its head is empty. I’m not joking – its head really is empty so you can stuff it with something tactile to get a nice, satisfying feel whenever you punch the dummy right in the nose. 

It comes unfilled. All I will say here is to be careful not to overfill it or you risk breaking one of its seems. Otherwise, it is quite durable.

You can move its limbs and place it in many different positions for locks.

The legs on this dummy Bob are like that of a blonde in a red dress on a poster – long.

The hands, on the other hand(see what I did there?) are quite short. Enough to practice hand locks, but you’ll wish they would be longer.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • This dummy the Bob is a sensitive fellow – if you get carried away and treat it rough, you might end up tearing one of its limbs off


Good, affordable dummy to get as a beginner or if you’re on a budget. 

Century Youth V.SPAR.2 Punching Bag

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This grappling dummy looks like something out of Black Mirror – a creepy three-legged black dummy.

It’s really great for practicing takedowns, throws, and a few locks. It stands on its three legs so you can do your damage with kicks, punches, or take it down to the ground and choke it out there.

It will not last forever. It’s not the highest quality product, but considering the price, the build quality is really good.

This Robot The Bob dummy will be a great practice addition to kids as well as adults.

It comes already filled, so you don’t have to worry about that.


  • Great for practicing takedowns
  • Affordable
  • Decent quality


  • Creepy looking three-legged grappling dummy the bob


This is a good grappling dummy for everyone, but especially kids doing martial arts. You can practice takedowns, throws, and quite a few locks with it. 

Don’t expect it to last forever. The outer layer is made out of synthetic leather.

It will take decent punishment week in, week out, but after a few months you might end up duct taping it in a few spots or maybe you won’t go as hard and it will last you quite a while.

If you’re considering buying it for a young martial artist – then you have nothing to worry about. Even though it’s a scary, robot-like looking grappling dummy – it means well and won’t ever dare to not show up for a practice session.

Best cheap grappling dummy under 100 dollars – Bestzo MMA Grappling Dummy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dummy

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This grappling dummy comes in sizes for children, women, and men. You can pick it up in your favorite color. The arms are of a decent length compared to other dummies on the cheaper side. This is quite affordable too – right under 100 dollars. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It comes unfilled, so you do have to do that yourself. It’s no biggie because it has a great YKK zipper on the back and you can read the section in this article on how to fill Bob up with stuff that you have around the house or ordering filament for this dummy. The filling process will take a while, but if you do it right, you will be set with a partner for the rest of Bob’s life. Plus it can be stuffed to weigh as much as a real human Bob.

You can move its legs and make Bob assume different positions for practice.

There is double stitching on this dummy for reinforced strength. But as with all dummies on the cheaper side you have to make sure you don’t overstuff it or Bob will rage quit on you and bust a seem.

Get the 4 ft one for a child, 5 ft tall for a woman, or 6 ft tall for the loner wrestler or the jiu-jitsu guy that has been stood up by his training partner one too many times.


  • great price
  • movable legs
  • can be filled to weigh as much as a real Bob
  • quality materials used
  • YKK zipper on the back for easy filling
  • decent length arms
  • multiple colors to choose from
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • comes in sizes for children, women, and Bobmen
  • reinforced double stitching


  • even though it has double reinforced stitching, they could be more durable
  • be sure to not overstuff this beast or it will rage quit on you


If you want an affordable and quality wrestling dummy under 100 dollars for a child or yourself and are not phased by reading the part of this article about filling a dummy yourself – then go for this Bestzi grappling dummy.

Kuell 70 lbs Grappling MMA Wrestling Submission Fitness Jui Jitsu Dummy

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This dummy is supposedly made out of military-grade vinyl construction. I really have no idea what it means, but hey – marketing wankers come up with all kidns of silly sounding phrases for products. Its outer layer is made out of vinyl. It will be easy to clean but might be uncomfortable to practice with. I for one don’t like my grappling dummies rocking the same skin as my latex sex dolls. All jokes aside, I find vinyl uncomfortable especially when sweaty. I like cloth or leather.

It weighs in at 70 lbs and is 5,6 feet tall.

It comes filled so you won’t have to use up all of your towels and other stuff laying around the house trying to stuff this dummy.


  • It’s really easy to clean.
  • Comes pre-filled.
  • Lifesize dummy
  • Decent weight for a simulated life-like feel of an opponent
  • Affordable


  • Can’t move its limbs


If you are looking for a grappling BJJ dummy under 100 dollars then get this or Deagle Master Smith MMA Grappling Submission Sitting Dummy. This one is made out of vinyl – I hate slippery dummies, but your mileage may vary.

Best cheap jiu-jitsu, wrestling dummy – Deagle Master Smith MMA Grappling Submission Sitting Dummy

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This long-armed dummy comes in different colors, has a decent punchable face – you’ll actually be tempted a lot to punch this dummy named Bob in the face. The arms are not very long though. They are on the shorter side. Not as short as Celebrita Grappling dummy reviewed in this article.

Bob does yoga, so it’s flexible. You can adjust the arms or legs to a position you want to practice.

It comes unfilled.

It has reinforced double-stitching so it will last you a while even though it’s cheap. Usually all the cheap dummies bust a seam or two when they get stuffed. This will hold up quite well.

Make sure not to overstuff it though. As with all cheap grappling dummies – you will break the stitching if you overstuff them. All these dummies are called Bob, not Arnold. Keep that in mind when you stuff it.


  • Affordable
  • Reinforced double stitching
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Movable limbs
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Soft fabric that’s easily cleaned if Bob punches you in the nose and there’s some blood involved


  • Short arms
  • Comes unstuffed


This is a good and affordable BJJ grappling dummy. You have to name it Bob. You just have to! There are a few colors to choose from and you can move all of its limbs. This means you can set up all kinds of positions for yourself to practice. Make sure not to overstuff it or you risk breaking the stitching. Even though it’s reinforced, it will break on you if you overstuff it.

It has a 5-year warranty, so if you want to get an affordable grappling dummy for wrestling or BJJ practice at home – you will be glad you got this one if you’re on a budget.

Best for beginners on a budget – Grappling Dummy MMA Wrestling Punch Bag Judo Martial Arts 70”

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It’s almost a 6ft tall dummy. It’s black with a red dot for its face. It looks intimidating. It looks fit as well, so you better watch out!

The outer layer is made out of synthetic leather.

It comes unfilled. You have to fill it yourself. You will save on shipping. If you are worried about what to stuff it with, read the section on how to fill a dummy in this article. It’s going to be a bit cumbersome to fill this dummy, because of the stiffness of the synthetic leather, but you will be thankful for its thickness because it will keep you practicing for a long time. Long live the dummy! 

You can fill it up to it weighing like 100 to 110 pounds.  

The fake leather is thick and feels strong and durable.

Stitching is strong too. 

The dummy has reinforced weak spots on the inside with patches so it does not go poof on you in a month. It will last and won’t break even after a heavy beating.


  • Durable
  • Thick outer synthetic leather that will make this dummy last
  • Strong stitching
  • Reinforced weak spots by extra patching on the inside of the dummy


  • Comes unfilled
  • It`s a pain in the neck to fill it, because of its thickness and strong stitching


This is great wrestling and jiu-jitsu dummy for a beginner or someone on a budget. It will last you quite a while. It looks intimidating, so you might even take Bob the dummy out to a club not to get beaten on as usual. I hear Bob has some serious dance moves and does a wonderful pelvic thrust unc unc unc 

Best expensive Suples Wrestling Dummy

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You can get it in 3 sizes. 22lbs, 35 lbs, and 85lbs.
It will hold up very well because it’s well made and sturdy. The outer material is synthetic leather. It’s high quality though.
It is expensive though. But you get what you pay for. The seems on this dummy are good too.When you buy this dummy, it comes with a link to a free instructional video so you might be able to learn a few moves or principles here as well.This dummy will stay with you long enough for you to develop a crush. What I mean is that it will last for a long time and you’ll come to appreciate that you can practice at home on your own. Just you and your dumb dummy.

  • If you want to get this for a child of say 4 to 8 years, get the XXS size.
  • For teens, you’ll be fine with XS or if you have a big teen get the S size.
  • If you’re a woman or soy boy get the M.
  • If you’re a dude – get the L.


  • Very durable
  • Comes filled
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Good length hands and legs


  • It might end up choking you out while practicing – be careful not to call it names, like “dummy”.
  • It’s pricey


This dummy ain’t your average dummy. It’s tough. It looks tough and it’s not going to rock your world by busting a seem when you need it the most. It’s a serious-looking dummy, so you might as well give him a tough-sounding name and stop calling Arnold a dummy!

Grappling Dummy FAQs

What is a Grappling Dummy?

A grappling dummy is a tool to use when you can`t make it to a gym or you want to practice moves at your own pace without anyone watching.

It`s a great partner that never gets sick or taps out. If you already know some moves or would like to try out some new things in the comfort of your home without getting anxious in front of other people – you should get a grappling dummy. Name it Bob while you`re at it and try to choke it out.

Make sure to understand what you`re going to be practicing with a grappling dummy and then go ahead and read the whole article to make an informed decision about grappling dummies.

What should I fill an unfilled dummy with?

You have multiple options:

  • If you’re in a pinch, you can stuff your dummy with towels.
  • Buy filler like poly or cotton(cotton is much more expensive than polyfill)
  • Fill the grappling dummy with shredded paper or shredded towels, blankets, or other clothes available
  • Fill it with birdseed, but if you do that, make sure to fill sealed bags and stuff those into your dummy. You don’t want to have a dummy filled with birdseed in case you tear off its arm.

Poly-fil bags are good and cheap.

I’d get a 40lb Polybag and would mix in old t-shirts and towels in there.
You can get a small 5lb bag for all the gaps after stuffing the dummy Bob with towels. 

Towels won’t weigh enough though. So you’re better to get more oomph out of sand or something like that. Don`t fill it with sand only though. It’s rough working with the dummy Bob if it’s filled with nothing but sand.

Pro tips:

  • Get a plastic bottle in the neck for a nice pop when you do tight chokes
  • For the dummy to stand upright, fill its bottom with sealed bags of sand

How do you make a grappling dummy heavy?

You feed him nothing but sand for a whole month.

Are grappling dummies worth it?

Pick the right dummy for your needs and you’ve got yourself a partner named Bob that never gets sick, quits, or taps out. It’s great for practicing moves and takedowns at home. You`ll find that adding a dummy to your arsenal of tools will help you make those moves you`re learning become second nature a lot faster than just practicing them at the gym.

Should I buy a grappling dummy?

Grappling dummies are great for a beginner. You`ll be able to practice those moves that are hard on your own time without feeling anxious like you do at the gym. A grappling dummy can be your best partner at the beginning in Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, or other grappling sports. Choose wisely and you`ll have a durable partner that never taps out on you.

Which type of grappling dummy would be the best for a beginner?

 Depends on what you want to use your grappling dummy for. First off decide whether it`s going to be used for practicing takedowns or arm locks, leg locks. Do you need your dummy to stay in a sitting position or is it okay if it`s laying down or maybe you want a standing dummy? Read the whole article to get a better understanding of your needs in order for the grappling dummy to provide maximum satisfaction and skill improvement.

What size grappling dummy should I get?

Your grappling dummy will be inert. That means it`s dead weight. A rough guide is that grappling dummies will feel double their weight.

Read weight suggestions under each reviewed grappling dummy in this article to decide on what size grappling dummy you should get.

Can you learn BJJ by yourself?

There is no better way than to practice it with someone who can guide you through your mistakes in order to develop good form and skill. If you can`t afford to join a BJJ class and would like to start learning BJJ by yourself, then you can learn some things on your own. If you buy a grappling dummy, you can even get a decent understanding of chokes, holds and takedowns. 

If you choose yo practice Jiu-Jitsu alone keep this in mind:

You won`t get good on your own, but when you do join a BJJ class you will be head and shoulders above everyone else because you will have an understanding of the fundamentals. Take note that I said understanding, not skill. It will help you become better quicker than starting cold turkey.

How To Choose The Best Grappling Dummy?

Choosing the right grappling dummy is easy if you know what you`re after. Do you want to practice lockdowns? Chokes? Takedowns? The best grappling dummy should be durable and about the same height as a real partner, you would like to practice with. The weight of the dummy will feel more than that of the same size human because the dummy is inert so it`s dead weight. Think almost 2x when you think about handling the grappling dummy.