Best Sports Bras For BJJ

You’re looking forward to your first Jiu Jitsu class, but you’re well aware that using boobs as weapons is not allowed.

You’ve got to get them under control alright and your regular bras won’t cut it.

You want a good sports bra for BJJ to keep everything in place so you and your partner can focus on training instead of situations like this

It’s all about the fit of the sports bra when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.

Make sure to measure yourself twice before you order a sports bra for BJJ.

Don’t get the ones with adjustable straps!
They’ll come loose and end up messing your whole rolling experience.
Think thick straps or clasps.
Super snug!

Get a good rash guard for BJJ while you’re at it.
Like Raven Fightwear Rash Guard or Lotus Fightwear Rash Guard.
They’re both really good.

Best Sports Bras for BJJ

#1 ENELL, Racer, Women’s Full Coverage Racerback Sports Bra

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If it’s great for marathon runners to keep everything in place for hours on end, it’s great for BJJ practice.

It has ridiculous amounts of clasps. That’s good.

Make sure to measure yourself according to the product description, because it will fit like a glove and keep things from jiggling around while you choke dudes or dudettes out at the BJJ gym.

Perfectly fitted Enell sports bra will provide a snug fit – exactly what you want while training in BJJ. It might seem like it’s too tight compared to other sports bras, but it’s not.

No nip slips in this one, guaranteed!
It’s going to be tough to get it off even if someone tries to rip it off of you.

You’re secure and ready to give your full attention to practicing BJJ.


  • Provides great range of motion
  • Keeps everything from bouncing around
  • Snug fit
  • You won’t get bruised due to metal clasps on your bra


  • Metal clasps that should not be a problem if you wear a compression shirt under your gi.
  • Expensive


This is by far the best sports bra for BJJ training that you can get.

Expensive, but really good.

It has metal clasps. That’s only a problem if you roll half naked, but otherwise you’ll have a compression shirt and a gi at the very least.

#2 Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

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Hard to get it on and hard to get it off when you’re sweaty, but everything stays in its place while you’re rolling.

It’s not super snug, but it will keep everything in place. Except if you rock large breasts. Then go for the Enell sports bra for your BJJ adventure.


  • Sweat gets wicked away from your body really well
  • You won’t notice you’re wearing a sports bra, because it’s very comfortable
  • Good quality, soft materials


  • If you’re training hard and you rock large breasts, things might get a bit weebly wobbly.


Great for a light workout, but if you have large breasts and are serious about training in BJJ then get Enell.

#3 TOP-3 Womens Sports Bra

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100% guaranteed to avoid any nip slips. It covers most of your torso.

This sports bra is the most stretchiest of all the three we have looked at here.

Bra pads don’t move around while wearing it, but while rolling in a BJJ class you really don’t need to pad anything. Just keep things from wobbling around.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Affordable


  • Not the best sports bra for BJJ if you have large breasts


Great sports bra for BJJ and yoga or running. Not the best for BJJ, but if you’re just trying out jiu jitsu classes you’ll get to use this for other types of exercise if you decide BJJ is not for you.


You want to be fully focused on training. Feeling self aware because your bra is making you or your partner uncomfortable is not a good recipe for a serious BJJ practice.
While you’re practicing your GI will get loose and your sports bra will get jostled out of place if it’s not super snug.

Get one with clasps that is super snug.

You might want to get a rash guard anyway and add an extra safety and comfort level to your BJJ practice.

Either one of these will prove more than adequate for BJJ practice:

Stay snug and choke ’em out, but don’t let the nip slip out.